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This website is maintained and operated by Prophecy Records.

We collect and use certain personal data belonging to those who use our website. In doing so, we act in the capacity of 

of this data and we are subject to the provisions of Federal Law n. 13.709/2018 (General Personal Data Protection Law - LGPD).

We take care of the protection of your personal data and, therefore, we provide this privacy policy, which contains important information about:

- Who should use our website

- What data we collect and what we do with it;
- Your rights in relation to your personal data; and
- How to contact us.
Data we collect and reasons for collection
Our website collects and uses certain personal data from our users, in accordance with the provisions of this section.

1. Personal data collected
We collect the following personal data from our users:
The collection of this data takes place at the following times:
This data is collected for the following purposes:

For login, in case of registration for promos and/or when making purchases within the site

2. Sensitive data

No   will be collected sensitive data from our users, as defined in arts. 11 and following of the Personal Data Protection Act. So, 

No   there will be collection of data on racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, affiliation to a union or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data relating to health or sexual life, genetic data or biometric, when linked to a natural person.

3. Cookies   are small text files that are automatically downloaded to your device when you access and browse a website. They basically serve to identify devices, activities and user preferences.
do not allow any file or information to be extracted from the user's hard drive, and it is not possible, through them, to have access to personal information that has not come from the user or from the way in which he uses the resources of the site.
Information collected through these 
are used to improve and personalize the user experience, with some 
they may, for example, be used to remember user preferences and choices, as well as to offer personalized content. The user will be able to object to the registration of 
through the website, simply deactivating this option in your own browser. More information on how to do this in some of the major browsers used today can be accessed from the following 

The deactivation of cookies, however, may affect the availability of some tools and functionalities of the website, compromising their correct and expected functioning. Another possible consequence is the removal of user preferences that may have been saved, harming your experience.

4. Collection of data not expressly provided for

Eventually, other types of data not expressly provided for in this Privacy Policy may be collected, provided that they are provided with the user's consent, or even that the collection is allowed on the basis of another legal basis provided for by law.

In any case, the data collection and the resulting processing activities will be informed to the users of the website.

Sharing personal data with third parties:

We do not share your personal data with third parties. Despite this, it is possible that we do so to comply with some legal or regulatory determination, or even to comply with an order issued by a public authority.

The personal data collected by the website is stored and used for a period of time that corresponds to what is necessary to achieve the purposes listed in this document and that considers the rights of its holders, the rights of the website controller and the applicable legal or regulatory provisions.
Once the storage periods for personal data have expired, they are removed from our databases or anonymized, except in cases where there is a possibility or need for storage due to legal or regulatory provisions.

4. Legal basis for the processing of personal data

Each personal data processing operation must have a legal basis, that is, a legal basis, which is nothing more than a justification that authorizes it, provided for in the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data.

All of Our personal data processing activities have a legal basis on which they are based, among those permitted by legislation. More information about the legal bases we use for specific personal data processing operations can be obtained from our contact channels, informed at the end of this Policy.

5.1. How the holder can exercise their rights

To ensure that the user who intends to exercise their rights is, in fact, the holder of the personal data object of the request, we may request documents or other information that can assist in their correct identification, in order to protect our rights and the rights of third parties. This will only be done, however, if absolutely necessary, and the applicant will receive all related information.

6.  Security measures in the processing of personal data

We employ technical and organizational measures capable of protecting personal data from unauthorized access and from situations of destruction, loss, misplacement or alteration of such data.

The measures we use take into account the nature of the data, the context and purpose of the treatment, the risks that a possible violation would generate for the rights and freedoms of the user, and the standards currently used in the market by companies similar to ours.

Among the security measures adopted by us, we highlight the following:

- We limit access to our users' data, so that unauthorized third parties cannot access them;
- We keep records of all those who have, in some way, contact with our data.

We also inform you that we have ISO 27001 certification. We therefore follow the highest technical standards of information security, so that we can protect our users' personal and non-personal data.

Even if you do everything in your power to avoid security incidents, it is possible that a problem occurs exclusively caused by a third party - as in the case of attacks by hackers or crackers  or, still, in case of exclusive fault of the user, which occurs, for example, when he himself transfers his data to a third party. Thus, although we are, in general, responsible for the personal data we process, we are exempt from liability in the event of an exceptional situation such as these, over which we have no control whatsoever.

In any case, in the event of any type of security incident that may generate relevant risk or damage to any of our users, we will communicate the affected parties and the National Data Protection Authority about the event, in accordance with the provisions of the General Protection Law. of Data.

7. This version of this Privacy Policy was last updated at: 

We reserve the right to modify, at any time, these rules, especially to adapt them to any changes made to our website, either by making new functionalities available, or by deleting or modifying existing ones.

Whenever there is a modification, our users will be notified of the change.

8.  How to contact us

To clarify any doubts about this Privacy Policy or about the personal data we process, please contact our Personal Data Protection Officer, through any of the channels mentioned below:

Address: Rua Antero de Quental 200 03161060 - Vila Santa Clara SP - São Paulo - Brazil



Welcome to Prophecy Records, where all services are offered by the company, whose name/social function is “…”, registered under CNPJ 33.168.878/001-90, with address at Rua Antero de Quental 200, CEP 03161060, São Paulo - SP represented through this web page.

We warn you in advance that by accessing this website you tacitly agree with the provisions contained in this document, so pay close attention to read each of the clauses and obligations set forth below:

1.Of Object

This platform has the purpose of "e-commerce", that is, to make available the sale of products and services online available on our platform or application.

2. Product reservation

2.1 Our website does not work with any possibility of booking any of the products offered on our platform.

2.2 The fact that the product is in the shopping cart is not considered a reservation and does not make it impossible for other people to purchase the product and they will be sold out.

3. Customer's obligations

3.1 The customer must inform the data completely and correctly when registering on our platform.

3.2 The customer is responsible for any errors in writing or in the erroneous transmission of data.

3.3 To make any purchase on our website or add products to the cart, it is necessary to log in with the username and password provided at the time of registration.

3.4 Do not inform your login details to third parties under penalty of being held responsible for any conduct arising from this use.

3.5 Each customer may only register once, and more than one account per CPF will not be accepted.

3.6 Use the platform respecting ethics, good customs, legislation and regulations in force in the country, under penalty of suffering sanctions.

3.7 Be of legal age (18 years) and have full capacity to register and make purchases on our platform.

3.7.1 If a minor or an individual without full capacity comes to purchase any product or service offered on our platform, we will understand that those responsible have authorized it, being responsible for any and all situations that arise, as well as for the purchase.

3.8 Do not comment or send images in the reviews that may go against ethics and respect, or that have a defamatory, offensive, hateful or prejudiced nature.

3.9 The first access login will be done through a link sent to your registered email.

3.10 Not to provide any information that is false, fraudulent or that does not correspond to your data.

4. Obligations of the e-commerce owner

4.1 Inform clearly and truthfully about the characteristics and specifications of the product available for sale in a clear and complete manner. (Ex: Colors, height, material or width).

4.2 Send the products within the established deadline.

4.3 Provide a secure platform.

4.4 Provide informative images, audios and videos about the products offered, and consistent with what will be delivered to the customer.

4.5 Issue the invoice for the product to be shipped and send it to the customer along with the product.

4.6 Inform how to handle, clean or wash the product and any information considered relevant related to the product.

5. Disclaimer

5.1 We are not responsible for the misuse or wrong handling of the product, as well as any damage that may occur in the installation of any product purchased on our platform.

5.2 All products we sell meet the standards and conditions that come from the factory, the distributor or the company that resold the product.

5.3 We provide all relevant information related to the product, as well as they are accompanied by instructions for use and care in their boxes or through an instruction manual.

6. Intellectual Property

6.1 All design and pagination are the property of our website, and were developed by a service provider that was contracted for this purpose.

6.2 All images, illustrations, artwork, HTML, trade names, software or video made available on our platform by one of the page managers are our property.

6.2.1 The images and videos are merely illustrative, as depending on the monitor or screen of the electronic device, it may vary in color or tone.

6.3 The logo, brand and all appearance of the company/company website are our property.

6.4 Unauthorized copying of any image, video, design, audio, appearance or product descriptions on our website is prohibited, under penalty of sanctions for those who disobey.

6.5 We are not responsible for external links that may appear on our website.

6.5.1 There are some areas that may present advertisements or dissemination of links, but we do not have any type of relationship, so be very careful when browsing these pages and providing your data, as browsing these pages is the responsibility of the user/client. .

6.6 Nothing contained in our website guarantees the right to grant a license or right of use without the express consent of one of the managers of the page or the owner of the page.

6.7 The consent to copy or share must be in writing clearly and expressly.

6.8 It is prohibited to share, copy, plagiarize or make available any content, photo, video or audio found on our website without express consent.

7. Payment Methods

7.1 The payment methods accepted in our e-commerce are credit and debit cards, or bank slip.

7.2 The bank slip can be issued at the time you chose the option, filled in the required data and generated.

7.2.1 The ticket expires on the date shown on it, not being accepted after the expiration date.

7.2.2 If the ticket expires and the payment has not been made, the product will be available for sale again and it will be necessary to make a new purchase to acquire it.

7.3 The product will be shipped once the payment has been processed, registered and confirmed on our platform.

7.4 Any other form of payment is not accepted by our e-commerce.

7.5 Discount coupons are accepted, as long as they are available, and are subject to expiration or cancellation at any time.

7.5 If the customer wants to pay the product in more installments, he must pay the operator's interest.

7.6 To request a chargeback, contact our Customer Service or SAC.

8. Delivery and shipment of the product

8.1 The product will be shipped as soon as payment is confirmed, and can be shipped up to 3 days after payment confirmation.

8.2 Shipping and delivery costs will be available at the time you are almost finalizing the purchase, in the shipping/delivery/shipping tab, where you will inform your address and zip code.

8.3 The customer will pay for the delivery and shipment of the product with pre-defined ranges, or according to the standard weight of the category.

9. Exchange and return

9.1 The customer may return the product or exchange the product that was purchased in our e-commerce within 7 days, whatever the reason, as provided for in the Consumer Defense Code in its art. 49.

9.1.1 For the exchange or return to occur, the product must be as delivered, with all accessories, manual and packaging, box.

9.1.2 The product that will be returned or exchanged cannot show any signs of use, such as the product being cracked, scratched or showing signs of being dropped.

9.2 If you requested to exchange the product, the new one will be sent to the address and you will be notified of the shipment via email.

9.3 If you requested a refund, the refund will be made in the same way as the payment was made.

9.3.1 If it was via credit or debit card, the amount will be credited or debited on the current or next invoice of the card, as we will inform the card administrator.

9.3.2 If payment was made via bank slip, the refund amount will be refunded within 30 working days directly to the account that we will request at the time of your return request.

10. Privacy and Data Protection Policy

10.1 You can check our privacy policy in the footer link, where we inform you how the collection and processing of the data registered on our website, as well as the navigation takes place.

11. Forum

11. The forum of the City of our company is elected, to settle any controversies, doubts, disagreements, disputes or issues arising from the customer and e-commerce relationship, even if there may be some place, however privileged it may be.

12. From the document

12.1 This document was prepared by Attorney Diego Castro (OAB/PI 15.613) and has been modified with permission for use on this website. Its original form can be found
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